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  • Praise for the new families that have visited our church.

  • For Ashley's son, Jacob, as he begins college.

  • For Kathy's daughter, Candy, as she struggles with serious health issues.

  • For Susan's mother and brother who are struggling with illness.

  • For Tammy and her family as they support their mother through health issues.

  • For the members struggling with depression.

  • For the church leadership as we move forward into this new season.

  • For the unity of our church.

  • For the wisdom of our local, state, and national leaders to make decisions that will keep our country safe and healthy.

  • For the New Post community.

  • That God will use us to work in people's lives.

  • For Fredericksburg Choices Women's Center.

  • The workers and leaders of Impacto Ministries.

  • The workers and leaders of World Hope International.

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